Zombie Attack

Monday afternoon, before dinner actually, I decided to give the zombie-killing one more try. I did that a year ago, or maybe half a year ago, and it did not end well. I am a disaster with a gun…

This time I went to a smaller place, Zombie Attack, not a real big RP sim, but it is  basically an alley filled with Zombies. At the landingpoint you can get a free gun and then you just use the ladder to go down to the Alley, where a horde of zombies is waiting for you. All you have to do it shoot ’em, before they get you. And they follow you!

Fun for a lost half hour :)

Needless to say, I arrived fashionable in a mesh skirt and high heels!
Seriously NO clue how the gun works, can you tell?
My last moments....goodbye cruel world!

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