My Cotton Blossom II

Ah yes. Since I tried the free sailboat LL gave to premiums last week, I think I am hooked on sailing. It is relaxing, sailing the Blake Sea (e.g.) and watching the sun set in the ocean, with only the sounds of the wind and the waves! How come I never did this before!?

Anyway. I decided to go for a ‘real’ sailboat and after reading some excellent advice and experiences on the SL Forum, I got myself the Cotton Blossom II from Balduin Aabye Yacht Design. Not cheap, but it is such a wellmade yacht, very detailed and lovely textured, worth the Linden Dollars.
As for sailing it, the ad promised a real feel – as you do not need a hud to sail but can rely on looking at the sails (they flap when not good in the wind!), steering with the arrowkeys and you can also raise the spinnaker!
The notecard with instructions scared me a bit..all those options! But after reading it carefully I just went for it and travelled to the Blake Sea to give it a try.

It was easier than I thought and I really enjoyed my first trip! I think I will be sailing more often from now on :)

Rezzed at home to have a good look and read the instructions
Sailing the Blake Sea!
Oops, flapping sails!
With Spinnaker!

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  1. Venus says:

    Anchors away, Caity!

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