A Good Hair Day

Today, when  looking for nothing in particular, I went to D!va hair – just to see what was new in store. To my delight I discovered (I am really bad in reading groupnotices and stuff, it is probably announced…) they have a great gift for their groupmembers, to celebrate their 25K (!!) members: a fatpack of D!va Marie. A more than lovely hairstyle that can be worn both long and short. The pack contains 12 colours and two styles, so you can vary a lot! All you need to do is join the D!va group and pick it up.

I think I love the red Amber most, in type A…but the rest is gorgeous as well! I wear it with hairbase-tattoo layers from Amacci, they suit the colours well and fill those little bald spots :).

Marie, type A, long, in Red Amber
Marie, type A, short, in Red Amber
Marie, type B, long, in Red Amber
Marie, type B, short, in Red Amber

The necklace is the ‘Dalaila Cupcake’ from Chop Zuey, the cardigan is from Mon Tissu (Prudence in Yellow).
I love to wear the ‘french pouf’ in yellow, also from Mon Tissu, in this hair. This fluffy flower can also be worn as a brooche!

With French Pouf!

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  1. Venus says:

    When I first saw you with this hair on the feeds, I did a double-take…’Is that Caity??” Wow! Looks fantastic on you! Sometimes It is nice to switch up a color just for surprise. :)

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