Playing with my doll

It’s been a long week with too much work and stress….but on the bright side: I seem to have beaten the flu!

Today I have been playing with my Coco Doll….it is just such an amazing avatar, I just had to take her out to a desert and be all artistic!

Oopsie…an ETA: This avatar is a 100% rigged mesh doll, from Coco Design. On the headless pics I used the ‘snow’ body, smooth, and on the others the head is ‘Alice’.
The outfit is specially made for Doll, and is the “Sheep Sweater Outfit Beige, for snow”.
The headless pics are made with the body as is, the ‘cap’ instead of the head comes with the body.

Poses: chair + pose from Diesel Works, Butterflies + pose  from Olive Juice.


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  1. kalkioma elan says:

    just been looking for info on landing points and came across your comments from some time ago to another user, really helpful, thank you so much, maybe i can start getting things moving chez moi. Have just seen your pictures when i logged into your site – such art- fantastic

  2. kalkioma elan says:

    just had to contact to thank you, after a day of searching for what is really a pretty basic question

  3. Hello Dali! ;-) great shots Caity<3

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