Message in a Bottle

Last night, after having danced for hours on the awesome tunes of DJ Venus in Ambrosia, Sy thought it would be good idea to relax and get some fresh air. What better than go sailing across the Blake Sea?

We loaded the boat with wine (yeah so, it was Fridaynight!), got into some waterproof outfits (one may never know when the simborder crossing kicks you into the sea..) and off we went on Sy’s yacht.

While Sy was busy fiddling with the wind and sails and whatnot, I was just sitting on the deck being all pretty.

Anyway, after some sailing away we suddenly spotted a bottle in the water. With a message in it! It was a bit unclear, something about a plane crash and a pilot on a deserted island needing help! We had no clue where to find this poor guy so we continued sailing…and then all of a sudden we saw this little island with a plane wreck!

I went to check out the island, while Sy stayed on board – being a true Captain. Well that and to prevent the boat from being returned to his lost and found, but that is a detail. Alas, I did not find the poor Pilot, but did find his supply of wine and rum!

I am not going to spoil the ‘adventure’, I can only recommend sailing on the Blake Sea and keep your eyes open for bottles!

A lovely evening for a bit of sailing!
Hey lookie...a bottle in the water!
The Pilot must be somewhere here!

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  1. Venus says:

    I lol’ed at the Captain staying with his ship so as not to return to his L&F! Glad you hear you enjoyed the adventure and the booze!

    Also, how kind of you for the mention at the top of your post. xo

    1. Heh yeah, one of those little details in SL eh?

  2. sybeck says:

    Was a fun time, only seen one of those bottles before and we saw two in one night! The lesson obviously is to get totally smashed before going out sailing and get even more smashed while out.

    1. Two?
      You must have had double vision…….hic

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