LEA 15 – Invisible Cities

Saturdaynight Sy and I visited the LEA 15 sim, currently featuring several art installations with as central theme ‘Invisible Cities’.  One of my favourite is the city created by Rebeca Bashly. On the arrival point you can grab a ‘gondolina’ to wear and to use to ‘sail’ through the greenish canals of what seems like a semi-transparant Venice.

The work is great for taking pics in several windlightsettings and with shadows, so if you go visit..be ready to push up the graphics and let yourself go!

And since this is such a great spot for pics, we also took a minute to pose and show off our new mesh outfits – naturally we went all dressed up to visit Art!
(Sy is wearing Hoorenbeek and I am in MoliChino‘s shorts and top)


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Venus says:

    I visited that place, too, and it is a wonder!

    1. In mesh I may hope? LOL!

      But yeah, it is a wonder…I have returned there several times for pics and it amazes me every time!

  2. Tem Haalan says:

    Very smart! The thing I like best about those mesh suits is that when you dance your midriff doesn’t get all distorted.

  3. sybeck says:

    Thank you for leaving the gondolina pics [sic] out!

    1. I keep those for another occasion….

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