The Inevitability of Fate – by Rose Borchovski

This morning I spent quite some time wandering around in the art installation The Inevitability of Fate – by Rose Borchovski.

The description in the Destionation Guide says: ‘In this art installation from Rose Borchovski, you’ll venture to an emotional and immersive art-landscape about the story of Angry Beth and the child Lot during a war’.

Soon after my arrival it became clear, well at least to me – and as far as I read all the notes and the story on the HUD which is provided it is not mentioned as such – the ‘a war’ is WW2 and Beth and the child Lot are probably Jewish family members, going through a lot of pain and suffering.
Pretty serious topic and at some point maybe even be percepted as disturbing.I mean, I refused to wear the ‘yellow ribbon’ that was given to me, so I was not allowed to enter the cinema and got told lots of other rules by a strict – emotionless voice.

Anyway, I am not against using history – even painful ones – in art. This installation is definately worth a visit! Most of it is created in mesh and it is a great place to play with windlight and graphics. It’s also interactive, with lots of poses and animations so you can be part of the art!

Yup…it is something different !

(oh by the way, I did not use the recommended windlight settings)

Entrance, the child Lot
Angry Beth and the child Lot
Wear the yellow ribbon..

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  1. Venus says:

    I look forward to visiting this one, Caity. Thanks for the introduction!

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