Kayaking @ Mojo Surf Point

Of all the activities and sports you can do in Second Life, I don’t think I have ever gotten into a kayak. And since there is a first time for everything, I could not resist trying it out on Mojo Surf Point when I went there to check this new beach out.

They offer, besides fre surfboards to ride the immense waves, also free Kayaks in a rezzer (half way the path, across the bridge). You can choose a single or a double – so it’s also great fun to go there with a friend!)- and once you are seated you will get offered a paddle and a lifevest. The Kayak has a menu for operating it, which is pretty straight forward.

The single kayak – alas..my paddle kept failing to rez, but that does not mean you can’t kayak anyway :)
The double kayak – with paddles this time! The person in the back seat operates the kayak, the one in the front can sit back and enjoy the ride :)

Mojo Surf Point is a lovely beach-resort, tastefully landscaped with lots of spots to hang out and chill if you are in a less active mood and just watch other people surf and kayak :).



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  1. Tem Haalan says:

    I saw the kayak on your feed pictures and thought it looked great. I’m going to copy you and try this soon. Thanks Cait!

  2. Venus says:

    That is a lovely spot and your photos, as always, are wonderful!

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