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This morning I went back to the Fairy Tales, a great ‘event’ where several designers are showing off their creations all in the Fairy Tales theme. Skins, clothes, hair….amazing designs!

I fell for the ‘Guardian’ outfit by [Sakide], which consists of a mesh corset (in 7 sizes), sculpted parts and the normal clothing layers, making it look fabulous!

As this is a white outfit, I went to a quiet sim with nothing but ice and snow and entertained myself for some hours taking pics – using Niran’s viewer. I am not really familiar with that viewer yet, but am already convinced it is indeed excellent for taking pics, the graphics look wonderful and all feels so smooth!  I haven’t figured out all the settings and options yet, it is so much, but that will come in time.

Ice Horns
Look! I caught the moon!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. The Haute Frugalista says:

    so cool!! looks so cute!!

  2. colleen Criss says:

    Beautiful !

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