Expecto – Mischief Managed RP

Last night Sy and I went to visit Expecto – Mischief Managed RP, a new sim with a wonderful castle that caught my attention in some posts and pics last week. It was as amazing as I had hoped and it is windlight, shadow and photographer’s heaven!

Although the land description, nor any other sign, tells you what it is about – it is apparently Hogwarts’s from Harry Potter. Many little clues and names of objects reveal that, but I have to admit I did not recognize it as such upon arrival. It is a beautiful (mesh) building, but for some reason it seems too ‘crispy clean’ to be Hogwarts’s as I imagined it from the books (never really saw the movies..). Anyway, it is lovely detailed, in a wonderful landscaped sim and most certainly worth a visit!

I used Niran’s Viewer when I went back this morning to take pictures, I took so many it is almost impossible to choose which ones to post in here…

Peeking through the trees
Really love this bridge to the entrance!
There’s something in the water…
One of the many rooms/halls
Great detailed hallways
The dining hall
The famous staircases :)



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  1. Venus Petrov says:

    Nice writeup and photos Caity! I understand the sim will be open only to RP’ers doing the Harry Potter thing soon.

    1. TY Venus :) And good to know it will be ‘closed’ at some point, I will go back this weekend and shoot some more pics :))

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