Crystall Dunes

This afternoon, when doing one of my ’rounds’ through Flickr and blogs I ended up on Ziki Questi’s blog about Crystall Dunes. Crystall Dunes is the private home of Neva Crystall and it is styled together with Wendy Xeno. I am a huge fan of both ladies, their sims Neva River and HuMaNoid are definately on my lists of favourites for ages.

Neva has opened her private home, Crystal Dunes, for the public for a limited time (till 8 August, so you’d better hurry if you are interested – and believe me: you are!) and so I teleported over in Niran’s Viewer to be amazed. What a gorgeous, peaceful and lovely decorated sim. Breathtaking. Go see it!

Thanks Neva, for opening your home, it was truly inspiring!

I could not have found a better place today of all days…sitting in a dress as my Mom had in the 60’s and allowed myself some loving memories for a bit. She passed away on 7 August 2001 and this place was just what I needed.


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  1. So wonderful pictures!! Thank you so much for this post!!! So glad you like it♥

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