Intense City

While I usually use the Destination Guide to find cool places,  I also browse the official Second Life Facebook page for tips. Often they are brought to the attention by residents like me or sim owners. This morning I found a great one, Intense City. It’s a racetrack for RP (adult sim) and in the post on facebook it was mentioned photographers and filmers are welcome, always nice to know!

The track in situated in a desert, you hear the wind blow and sand clouds pass by. Some cars are parked near an old, shabby looking garage and you really feel in a deserted place. I am not a racer, so I left the track for what it was and simply enjoyed the surroundings and made some pretty pictures – playing with several windlightsettings in Niran’s Viewer. Very nice made sim, cool details and indeed lovely for those who like to make pictures!


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  1. Venus Petrov says:

    Awesome photos (as always) Caity! It’s on my list of places to visit. :)

    1. Thanks and yah, I think you may like it for pics too Venus!

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