Firestorm, Flickr and Dopiaza

And now for something completely different…..a blogpost about Firestorm, Flickr and Dopiaza and how I combined all three to make publishing snapshots easy and organised in one  click. Well, once it is set up that is…but it is not that hard!

Since the latest release of Firestorm it is now possible to publish your snapshots directly to Flickr, just choose : FLICKR in the snapshot menu (when you do this for the first time you will be guided through a set up procedure, which is pretty straight forward) and voila: no more double uploading, you can skip the save to disk etc. OK, unless you wish to publish processed/photoshopped images, but this is about raw shots from SL!

Since I like to organise my pics in Flickr in sets, yup…that’s me, I finally took the time today to set up the setmanager by Dopiaza (with thanks to Torley who posted about this tool a while back!).
What Dopiaza does: it sorts your pics by tags you give them, automatically. Meaning, you do not have to add your pics to sets manually while uploading or when you use Firestorm’s direct upload afterwards. Simply create a textfilter in Dopiaza and use the tags in your snapshots inworld. Not only will the images appear in Flickr, but also: directly in the set you wish! Tataaaa! Now how cool is that?
I did some test shots this morning, using a special ‘tag’ called : slrawshot (yeah, not very creative, but it had to be a new tag for the set I created for my ‘raw shots: Caitlin’s Travels ) went to Hackberry Hall to shoot some pics, using Firestorm and everything. It works like a charm!

You can see the results on my Flickr (links provided above) but to give a bit more, here’s a screenshot on how the snapshotmenu in Firestorm looks like, when posting to Flickr. In ‘metadata’ you fill in the tags you wish to use, in ‘settings’ you can crop the image, set the rating and as you see you can even include the location – so a SLURL will appear in Flickr in the description of your image.

snapshot menu in Firestorm



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  1. Venus Petrov says:

    So cool Caity! Thanks for this :)

    1. Thank Venus, I think it is pretty cool! It takes a bit to set it up to your liking perhaps, but if you like some organised sets…it’s so easy when all done!

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