Kavala Bay

This morning, while hiding in my office from the heat (yups, I am a real basement dweller) outside I was travelling around in SL and ended up in a desert of all places. One would have thought I was more in the mood for Iceland or something Arctic but hey…it’s Second Life!

Kavala Bay, is not really a sandy desert but rather a flooded one. It has lots of Camels, some elephants, a temple-like building and a tent. And some sand here and there. Not really a lot to do, but a wonderful place to take pictures – specially when you like to play with the reflection of the water.
Next to the temple is a teleporter – alas..only for groupmembers. So I cheated a bit and flew up, to discover a wonderful building in the sky, filled with floating lanterns!

Trolling the Camels…
Up in the sky
Surrounded by lanterns




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