Saturday Night!

‘I just cant wait for Saturday Nights’…One of my favourite songs of Dutch Rockstar Herman Brood, which is stuck in my head since last Saturday Night! Hey don’t laugh..I grew up with this!

Besides that, I got some questions on what I was wearing last Saturday Night and since I haven’t done some fashion blogging in ages…here it comes:

* Shoes: Nana Pumps from SeVeRed Garden (I am so in love with them, I may never take them off)
* Pants and corset both from Celoe
* Jewellry by Chop Zuey (Comes with earrings as well, but not wearing them)
* Hair: Tyra Snow by EMO-tions
* Mesh nails from Leverocci
* Mesh lashes from Beetlebones
* Skin: Glam Affair Cassiopea Arctic


One Comment Add yours

  1. Love it, Caity, I have the Chop Zuey in rose gold and just love Belles effects:-)

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