Requiem de Mozart – Lacrimosa

Having some days off from RL-work this week gives me plenty of time to play around in SL, it is too cold anyway for a nice bike-ride!
Today I had some hours of fun putting an outfit together I would love to wear in case Sy gets online for a Christmas-dance :). And if not for that, than I will keep it for the next occasion anyway! Yeah, I am trying to stay positive, all will get better at some point..

I choose a dress from my favourite gown-designer Azul. As I said on my profile feed, no matter how much I love mesh for everything…for dancing I rely on the ever so smooth flexi gowns of Azul.


xmas dress

When I am at busy building/maintaining my websites at work, I often lock myself up (as far as possible in an open-plan office..meh) by wearing my headsets and listening to DJ Tiësto. For some odd reasons I cannot photoshop with him..haha! I think he makes builder-music…when I am photoshopping I listen to classical music and tonight, when touching up these two photos (as they are hardly really processed, I only repaired my broken wrist and a tiny bit of work on the seam of the dress..) it was Mozart’s Lacrimosa, from his Requiem. Max volume. Yes, the neighbours are happy I wear my headset at home too…So there ya go, for the title of this blogpost:


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