The Arrival – by Rose Borchovski

Earlier this week I was delighted to receive an invitation from Rose Borchovksi, to visit a preview of her latest art installation The Arrival on one of the LEA sims. A wonderful chance to go and wander around before it is open to the public and so make pics and generally enjoy a lag-free piece of art!

The Arrival is a new chapter in the Susa Bubble story and what it is about? Well, that is the beauty of it, you can either choose to read and believe the explanations that are presented upon arrival…or…just make of it what you will! I choose the latter and took the time to admire the sculptures. For the occasion (and these pics) I used the recommended regions windlightsettings and listened to the sounds that accompany this build.

If you go visit this, it will be open to the public from Saturday 12 January, please accept the Bubbles folder and wear the bubbles while visiting, it makes it so much more fun :).

The Arrival
The Arrival
Little drummer
Little drummer
Grandibus Exigui Sunt Pisces Piscibus Esca
Grandibus Exigui Sunt Pisces Piscibus Esca

Installation and concept by Rose Borchovski
Scripts: Caer Balogh
Song at the end: Susanne Sundfør




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