Hi, my name is Caity and I am an avatar!

Yes, it may come as a surprise to some..but Caity is an avatar. A pixel-barbie, a cartoon…and virtual doll, operated by a woman somewhere in The Netherlands.

Caity loves fashion, exploring places in Second Life, talks to her Parrot, lives with Sy in a lovely house on a rocky beach, goes out clubbing at least twice a week, is addicted to online social media and taking pictures of other avatars, herself and curious places in Second Life.

All this is considered normal and hardly raises an eyebrow or triggers strangers to tell her off. So far, so good!
Now, Caity has some bad habits too! She drinks and she smokes. A lot. In fact, you will almost always see her with a glass of wine in one hand and a cigarette in the other. Every day, at a certain a moment in the afternoon (usually around 4 – 5PM in The Netherlands),  she opens a bottle, takes a pic for her profile feed and declares it wine o’clock!

This particular habit of her, the drinking, is reason for people to actually believe that Caity’s typist does the same and has a drinking problem. Almost weekly Caity gets IM’s (from strangers!) telling her to slow down on the alcohol and even links to the AA and Wikipedia-articles on alcohol abuse are conveniently provided.
Never does she gets warnings or well meant advice about walking on high heels 24/7, her tattoo’s or dying her hair ever so often or that her conversations with her Parrot are insane. No no..it is the daily consumption  of pixel-wine that ‘worries’ people!


Why? Why do people assume I am mirroring my own (real) lifestyle in Second life? Is it because everyone else does? Do people actually walk around with katana’s strapped on their back, or machine guns? They drive in a tank to work? They are vampires or furries in real ?Live in a castle on a floating island, surrounded by particle shooting rainbows? I don’t think so!

Cocktail O'Clock!
Cocktail O’Clock!

So, for once and for all, I am going to reveal a secret……..don’t tell anyone but:
Caity’s operator, the woman somewhere in The Netherlands, does NOT drink alcohol. OK, maybe a glass of whiskey on a Saturday night, or a glass of wine at a party…but that is about it. My usual beverages are not exciting,  I drink mineral water and coffee. Even at wine o’clock!!! Now that’s a bummer eh, this revelation!
Anyway,  I do not need or want links to the AA.  Caity is very stubborn and loves her wine too much, I think she will keep drinking from that glass for a while….

Wine O'Clock!
Wine O’Clock!

I say:  cheers and hey lookie it is almost wine o’clock!


7 Comments Add yours

  1. katieandstud says:

    Bottoms up! Cheers Katie.

  2. katieandstud says:

    Ooops I think I had wine o’ clock already. I meant cheers Caity. LOL

    1. LOL! Cheers Katie :P

  3. WTG Caity… wut no RL katana on back .. poo!! ;-) ♥

  4. Bassima says:

    good to know that Caity isn’t going to stop the wine O’clock tradition..

  5. The illusion has been destroyed… Gawd! /me opens a new bottle of wine and refills Caity’s glass and fills my own.

  6. Pep says:

    I have a similar problem. People in SL keep posting that I am a narcissistic psychopath.

    Pep (But in real life I am a much nastier person.)

    PS It’s funny, but all those supposedly nice people have never suggested how or where i might get help . . .

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