It all starts with a smile

One of SL’s best photographers, Kaelyn Alecto (check out her photo-stream on Flickr), recently opened her sim to all, called: It all starts with a smile. And it sure does!

The landing-point is in a delightful little street with an ice-cream parlour and a nice view to the beach and sea below. Behind the building is a wonderful place to explore, clearly decorated and landscaped by a photographer, with all kind of cute details and poses to keep you busy for hours!

Even when you are not in the mood for posing, than you can try out all your windlight settings and create the atmosphere you like, it is all possible!It not only starts with a smile, I kept on smiling during my entire stay :). Oh and I will go back there, I am sure I have not even discovered half of it!



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  1. Thank you so much for your wonderful words and beautiful pictures!!!

    1. You are very welcome Kaelyn and thank YOU for opening your place to the rest of us to enjoy! :)

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