Return to Neva River

I was delighted this afternoon, when Ziki dropped me a LM to the re-opened sim Neva River! I have always enjoyed this gorgeous sim, by Neva Crystall, so I could not wait to get home and login. I behaved though…and had a proper light dinner, went to my training-session and once I got back home again I finally logged in and had time to fully enjoy this place!

Now, usually I will go mad and snap a gazillion pics with all the details I can find, or panoramic views, but I was not in that mood tonight. It happens. It also happened I was a bit oddly dressed maybe, for exploring, so I took some arty-farty pics and had a blast doing so!
Of course I will go back later this week, to do another round and be …..all serious! For now, I can only say: go visit! Go enjoy this wonderful, paradise and take your time!
For some more pics and information, Honour has blogged about Neva River too and her pictures are amazing as always, and of course do not forget to read Ziki’s post, she had a preview!

neva_return_002 neva_return_003neva_return_001

Ah, yes…what am I wearing!?

The hair is outrageous and from Boudoir (called Pompadour), the dress is a mesh skirt and a mesh corset by Dirty Princess (called: Drama Beauty Princess) and the pearls are from Mandala.
While working on this blog and pictures I had to listen to this, it suited the mood of the moment and my evening!


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  1. <333 wonderful pictures, thank you so much!

    1. Thank YOU Neva! For opening your home, it is gorgeous, thanks for sharing it :))

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