“Gezellig” is a Dutch word for…..well…erm…..I don’t know! In fact, I think – and I am not alone in this – it is one of the few words in Dutch that simply cannot be translated or even explained to English. It means…”Gezellig”
A great article, written by an American who lives in Holland, will hopefully shed some light on the typical Dutch “gezelligheid” and what we Dutch consider “gezellig” or not, if you have some minutes, do read it: Gezellig!

I have tried to explain Sy, he has read the article and now he finds everything we do in Second Life “gezellig”. I am okay with that, he is “gezellig” to hang out with and and evening with him is always very “gezellig”!

To find some Dutch gezelligheid in Second Life I went to the re-designed sim of Dutchie Furniture. The creator, Froukje Hoorenbeek, has a real feel for gezelligheid, as she is Dutch, and I just LOVE her furniture (we have her kitchen, kitchen-table, bed, bath, yogamat, massage-table……) not only does her furniture look fabulous: the animations in them are so smooth and real, very much worth every L$.  Also, the furniture is always available in PG and Adult version, so you can enjoy a ‘gezellig’ bed or have a naughty one :).

She also has some fabulous, typical Dutch houses and house boats for sale and looking at them made me think of my granddad who used to live in a 400 year old house, very gezellig of course, but not so comfortable as the ones Dutchie has!

I would say, for a touch of Dutch feeling – and maybe even a hint of gezelligheid – go visit Dutchie’s mainstore and take the time to fly around a bit before you go shopping! It is lovely and very….Dutch!

Houseboat: very gezellig!
Houseboat: very gezellig!
This has potential to become gezellig!
This has potential to become gezellig!
Not at all gezellig, but very Dutch
Not at all gezellig, but very Dutch

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  1. Lola Ghost says:

    Mal hieroor! En ja dit lyk baie gezellig! :D ♥

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