More than one can Bear…..

Bears. Big, hairy bears. They are taking over the grid, since LL has released a huge, mesh, bear-avatar on the Marketplace as a festive, commemorative avatar – for FREE!
You will encounter them the coming weeks…..!

Of course I had to get one too, if only out of curiosity and since this bear is also ‘material viewer’ ready, I even downloaded the beta-viewer for the complete, festive, experience.

So. A bear. You can wear it as a naked bear, has fur of course, or dress it up with a t-shirt and a hat. Up to you. I decided to go all nude, I suppose there will be plenty of occasions the coming time to wear it with shirt and hat, if I decide to wear it again. Don’t get me wrong, I do like the idea of this bear – it represents the Linden Bear tradition of the past 10 years of Second Life, but ermm..I don’t see me walking around like this all the time.  Anyway, I still think you should get one, just….because!

Oh, yeah. Materials…..I think the bear looks good, the pics in this post are taken with the beta-viewer, which enables this new feature. I have not logged in yet with another viewer one to spot the difference, so much for my ‘investigation’ eh? Bad Caity! Or should I say…please bear with me…..



And if you always wanted to know what Bears really do at night, in the forest…..:


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  1. Lola Ghost says:

    LOL I love your posts!

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