Rachel Breaker’s Sweet Soft Fursonaa

It is hard to miss the last couple of days, but the Arcade has opened a new round. I must say, there are some really cool and cute items this time and even I got all excited! Besides some lovely bikini’s and some funny floaties, I am particularly happy with the complete Sweet Soft Personaa by Rachel Breaker (I even got the rare mask in one go!). It is a suit, mesh of course, and well….very much Rachel Breaker – I am in love with her sim Off The Wall, so colourful and so creative!

I had my fun on an iceberg, as to show off how superb this suit is made! You have to buy it all separate: shirt, pants, boots and mask (all 75 LS), and Rachel included all the textures and different ones as well in the packages, so you can change it to your liking! Very complete! On the pics in this blogpost I am wearing the complete suit, with mask, but you can wear it without mask of course and also: you can optional wear a mask that does not have the ‘facial hair’ but shows your own eyes and mouth :). Oh, did I say I LOVE this?


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  1. Ziki Questi says:

    I’ve been wearing that for the past couple days too! :D Love it—Rachel Breaker is so creative and playful.

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