Endgame, not your ordinary sandbox!

Usually when I need a sandbox, for unpacking or posing mostly, I go to one of the Premium ones as they are quiet and not overcrowded most of the times.

The other day I went to have a look at the Endgame Sandbox, it is listed in the destination guide and got my attention that way.


It is most certainly NOT an ordinary sandbox, if not for the vibrant – almost psychedelic – colours used, than at least for the rules they hand out via the sign on the landingpoint. Seriously, even if you are not a builder/creator or in need of a sandbox for whatever reason……just go there, look around and be cheered up by the colours and then: read the rules! They made me LOL, they are written by a comedian!

The rules are of course serious, and if you are easily offended……you may want to go back to a regular sandbox.


I am not going to copy/paste them completely – as it is quite a read, but I will post a few:

‘Anyone playing stupid fucking neko noises will be violently removed. Nya nya on your own parcel.’

‘If the Admin is clearly wrong, they’re not. ‘

‘Anyone playing baby noises or sounds of children giggling, crying, coughing, sneezing, performing obscene bodily functions, or saying ‘cute’ things will be banned irrevocably for wasting Administrator cache space.’

‘The Administrative team reserves the right for Vivix to be a massive hypocrite at any given time, and thanks you for your ongoing support for his therapy in becoming less of a poor person. Donations help a lot – enjoy your sandbox.’

I can’t believe I am recommending a place for its rules….still LOL’ing…..

Note: when I just checked this location, upon publishing this post, they are busy re-decorating and landscaping the place…:(.  The rules still apply though!


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