Derailed is a lovely sim, and as the name suggests it has indeed trains..but I have not seen any derailed ones!What you will find here are some shops, but mainly a lovely landscaped environment with forests, beaches and some farmlands. And trains!

Yes, here too you see the (almost omnipresent on the grid these days) beautiful  landscape items from Skye Point, but even though I have seen them on many sims – they are still gorgeous and it is nice to see how they are used in different settings. Derailed is, according to the landinfo, still under construction, but it is already gorgeous and gives lots to explore and of course it is wonderful for taking pictures!



3 Comments Add yours

  1. Anonymous says:

    Love the pics Caity xxx

  2. Great photos, this looks fabulous! I’ll be sure to check it out on your recommendation, looks like a great place to take my bike actually!

  3. kyliejaxxon says:

    I love this place…did you go atop the mountain into the storm? :)

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