Whimsies and Dreamscapes

Every now and then I run into these little gems on the grid, you know..those small parcels that are not listed in the Destination Guide, or famous by blogposts allover…and today I was delighted to find one of those!
Whimsies and Dreamscapes is a quarter of an Adult-rated sim, curated by Ghost and CrouchingTiger,  and filled with  art and lovely photo-opportunities (with poses and all). There is a small art gallery, a beach and even though the location is not huge, I have spend quite some time discovering all sorts of great views and details.

whimsies_003 whimsies_002 Whimsies_001

And since I consider myself a fashionable explorer….I was wearing a new dress, the Lili sheer skirt/blouse by Mutresse (@fameshed) and new hair from Exile!



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