Quiet Wilderness

It sometimes amazes me that I manage to find and explore new – to me – places almost every day. Of course, new sims come up while others close, but still!

This morning I had a wonderful time discovering Quiet Wilderness. Some of the area’s on this sim are still ‘under construction’ but what is finished is lovely and indeed a Quiet Wilderness. You can either walk around in the forests, follow the path or rez a canoe and explore this beautiful piece of nature  via the river that meanders over the whole sim! There are nice spots for panorama views and some secluded area’s where you can sit and simply enjoy this place. Worth a visit!

Quiet Wilderness_001 Quiet Wilderness_002 Quiet Wilderness_003

Your explorer is wearing the same blouse as yesterday……the Lili Sheer Blouse by Mutresse (@FaMeshed), but it is such a lovely piece and thanks to the texture HUD it has endless possibilities! I am pairing it with my white Maitreya leggings (also an all time favourite and maybe the most worn piece of clothing I have…). The bracelets are from Mandala, which I admit I have to use since I have serious troubles matching and fitting my SLink mesh hands, so I use them to cover up the nasty seams on my wrists. My hair is from Exile! Oh, and the iPhone (adorkable, incl pose) had no connection in the wilderness..tsk!

Quiet Wilderness_004

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  1. Becky says:

    Having lived on the edge of a wilderness in my teenage years, I just love the rejuvenating feeling of escaping into forests and wild places. I’m so excited to begin seeing SL catch up, as builders and sim makers now have the tools and materials to create simulations of wild places that produce nearly the same feelings as their RL inspirations. The third picture in particular, just made me want to fire up Firestorm this instant and get lost in that forest… so excited to visit, and thank you for sharing.

    1. Thank you for the kind comment Becky! I am sure you will enjoy this place, it is lovely!

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