After having seen pictures of Binemist, a wonderful Nordic-themed island created by Bine Rodenberger, from Ziki and Honour on their blogs, I just had to go visit and have a look!

It did not dissapoint! Binemist has beaches, forests, a small farm with some animals and on top of the rocks you will find a little Church. I was delighted to see some art work from Bryn Oh as well, one of my favourite SL Artists!
While visiting Binemist for the 5th or 6th time on one day (I was not happy enough with pictures I took and well, any excuse to go back..haha) I had a lovely chat with Bine, who was busy replacing some green trees for Autumn coloured ones and we both agreed that is the beauty of Second Life: we can pretend Autumn is a colourful season, with orange and yellow trees……colours we both never really experience in our climates (Bine lives in a country close by mine, in the same timezone and climate). To explain: Autumn in Holland, well the part where I live, is indeed now…but the trees are still green. They will, with a bit of luck turn some sort of dirty yellow in a few weeks but usually that lasts for a day or two and then it all turns dirty brown and the rain will make it look just sad and cold.

Anyway! Binemist is beautiful and you should go visit and explore. There are also some surprising objects with poses here and there :)

Binemist_001 Binemist_002 Binemist_003


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