Up in the Sky

The past days I have been busy replacing my old skyhome for a new one. Because of the many, not always succesful…, modifications I did to the old skyhome it slowly turned into a sad, empty ruin. Besides that it was way too large for me, and I did not feel like rezzing a new one and start all over again with this huge space – I just wanted a smaller, cosier one. I use the skyhome for changing clothes, occasionally some ‘studio’ type of picture and since I am always alone I do not need a 2000 sqm for that :).

I looked around a bit and ended up, again, at Scarlet Creative whos style of sky-homes I really adore and I got the cosy ‘Saturday Morning Simple Mesh Skybox’, which has 3 levels in it, but is easy enough to navigate in.

The big challenge and painful task for me was ofcourse: removing the old one, keeping the Summer Room I have on top for extra studio, and rez the new one in the correct spot. If you know me, you can imagine this did not happen in one go…..and yes, I have worn the new home while hovering in the sky, I shot one into space and got two of them returned due to rezzed on Linden Property. But….after some hours and lots of coffee and cigarettes, this is the result:

New skyhome with the Summer room on top, both Scarlet Creative Designs
New skyhome with the Summer room on top, both Scarlet Creative Designs

The next thing was: decorating my new sky-home! I am really not good in decorating, I have plenty of ideas and I even dare to say I have some good taste, but my goodness…I keep moving stuff around, rezzing and taking back in inventory….doubting and doubting.
I used stuff I already had in inventory, so no shopping in between and for now this is it. I may add some more the coming weeks, months. Or not. I have more than enough prims left to use, so that is not the issue, I just need some more inspiration and patience. I admire those in SL who have beautifully decorated homes, with details everywhere, and I know for lots of people it is their way of relaxing and enjoying SL. Decorating a home, makes me nervous!


* Sofa’s by Trompe Loeil
* Bed from Encore (@The Garden)
* Plants from TTR Kitchen and Garden


6 Comments Add yours

  1. awe:) Don’t sell yourself short! Tis a beautiful space :)

    1. Thanks Cougar :). I added more junk by now, so am getting there! :)

  2. Becky says:

    It’s looking really good up there Cait :) When’s the housewarming?

    1. heh Becky! You know you are always welcome and you know the way :P.

  3. It look’s great and don’t worry I wear a house attached to my hand daily in SL. So you are not alone! :)

    1. Thanks Scarlet! Your creations make it look good without me doing anything already! And I am pleased to read I am not the only one wearing your homes…ahem…..:p

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