Burn2 – Cargo Cult – A preview

This weekend Burn2, with the theme: Cargo Cult, will open its 6 sims, for everyone! I had the privilege to have preview access at the press day, so I spent most of this my evening running around in the desert….taking pictures and enjoying the many art installations.

Every year I look forward to Burn2 and it never disappoints! I find it, as with most huge events, always difficult to really cover it all in a few blogposts (well yes, I will blog some more the coming days!), so I can only say: go visit, take the time and most of all enjoy it!

Burn2 is open from 19 – 27 October and there will be many events and parties, you can find information and schedules on the official website of Burn2 including SLURLS, but in case you already want to save the LM: here ya go!

More Burn2 online: twitter,  Facebook and Flickr

Burn2 Preview - I Burn2 Preview - II Burn2 Preview - III Burn2 Preview - IV


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  1. Great post about BURN2 and I love the snapshots. :)

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