My home, as I decorated it in July 2012...

Home, as it has been for nearly three year…


This weekend and today, I have spent most of my online time decorating my skyhome (it was still empty after a year…) and when done I decided it was time to do something about the groundlevel. I have decorated the groundlevel for the last time in July 2012 and ever since I had not touched or changed anything. Not even seasonal changes or christmas….it was, and will always be I guess, summer on my small beach!

Two days of decorating - I

My skyhome, now filled with colours!


I’ve thought long and deep on what I wanted to change, because I still like the flowergarden and the cottage is cute too, but when I saw The Hatake House, by 22769 ~ [bauwerk], at FaMeshed…I was sold. I got the house and also picked up a new set with grass, daisies and buttercups from Heart Garden (also at FaMeshed), stopped by at Uber for the .tarte.  corner sofa in PG version, the bench, rugs and curtains from Junk and home I went.

@ home - progress.... - I

New house, rezzed and all, and some new grass, rocks and flowers


Some deep breaths and lots of coffee and then I took the old cottage, furniture and some plants/trees back in my inventory. Phew.
Rezzing the new home was easy, it is a one piece and within some minutes I had it on the right spot and I could start re-arranging some parts of the garden and put furniture in the house. I used a lot of stuff I already had, like my kitchen from Dutchie and an old sofa from MudHoney, and before I knew it….I was done and it was wine o’clock!

@ Home - the wine o'clock corner!

The Wine O’Clock corner!


@ Home, lounge with moar pics!

Lounge with old and new things!


No idea how long this will stay, maybe another 3 years!

@ Home, done for now...

Yup. I like it!


Credits…I have used a lot of old, not so old and new things, if there is anything you want to know…just ask, a list of credits is really not easy!


‘Twas the night before Christmas, on a sim far away
Santa Coober was in a hurry, with his four Elfs in his sleigh
Fighting lag and simborders, through snow and through ice
Delivering presents, to all who had been nice

Twas the Night before Christmas - a blog story

Santa Coober, he was tired, but just one continent to go
He was so looking forward, to a holiday without snow
His eyes getting heavy, he could really need some rest,
A short nap was what he wanted, it would be for the best

Trusting his Elfs would take over and lead the reindeer the way,
if only he had known they were all AFK!
The Reindeer soon noticed that something was not right
They tried to keep up, but for that task they were too light

Sleigh wrecked! Send help! (no need to hurry!)

A big bang, was what happened on a small piece of land
Presents scattered around an island, on an unknown continent
The four Elfs woke up and saw with some disbelief
Poor Blitzen had not survived, it filled them with grief

Twas the Night Before Christmas - a blogstory..

It was sunny and warm, and soon they felt pretty good,
Elf Ermandalee opened the presents, and found them some food
A Reindeer got stuck in the sea, the poor dear
Elf Jewell threw him a lilo and tried to get him near

Elf Caity took care of rum and also some wine, she had found in the sand
While Elf Gidge was being silly, things were getting out of hand
Santa Coober was reading the book on some Sleigh repair
The Elfs chatted cheerfully about  new releases of mesh- hair

Santa Coober takes care of his Elfs, by rubbing their skin with suntan lotion

As time went by,  and help had yet to arrive
Santa and his Elfs luckily managed to survive
An SOS sign made of candy would surely be seen
By a plane or a boat or anything in between!

Don’t be afraid, said Santa Coober, we are all okay
The presents will be delivered, tho with some delay
The Elfs laughed and danced, being happy and didn’t worry
Help will come for us, but please…no need to hurry!’

Merry Christmas to all!

Christmas Card - Santa and the sexy elves

Picture by Santa Coober


Credits and need-to-knows:
* No animals were harmed in the production of this story
* 763 prims were used, 1134 coconuts, 78 bottles of wine, 3 barrels of rum, 13K Linden Dollars spent on hairstyles and make-up for the Elfs, two nervous breakdowns by Santa Coober, 131 notecards were written and sent to keep the team spirit alive, 4 bottles of sun tan lotion were needed
* The production took over 4 weeks to prepare, including dress rehearsals, sleepless nights and several crashes (not meaning the sleigh)

This whole production was a team effort of wonderful people: Coobs (coober.galicia), Jewell (jewell.wirefly), Tam (ermandalee), Gidge (gidgette.adagio) and Caity (caitlin.tobias). <3

Special thanks go to my lovely neighbour on mainland, Tek Karfield, who generously allowed us to overlap and rez prims on his land for the whole time we were working on this project! Tek, you rock!

Yes, a post on home decoration. Again!  Not because I enjoy decorating so much, quite the opposite but well….things happened. Again!

This afternoon I was happily (lol, not really) putting the last things in my skyhome – after months and months of blood, sweat and tears I finally finished it. When I wanted to make a pretty picture, to show off my stylish home (ahem), I noticed one of the windows was a bit off. I must have accidentally moved it at some point. So..I unlocked my home – oooh yes, it was locked! – and fiddled with the window to put it in the right spot.

And then, like magic, all the walls and the ceiling dissapeared….like: poof! OMG!. I tried control + Z…nothing. Found the stuff back in inventory but on re-rezzing it looked like a ruin rather than my beautiful home. All windows weird, the doors gone…..

I could cry, but I didn’t. I got into a rage. It was unfair! My home! My work! I hate this! How the *&&^^!#$ could I have been so stupid!

I rezzed another skybox (Scarlet Creative Work Live Skybox)  on top of the remains of what was left, and dragged all my furniture up. I found that very clever of myself, as I didn’t need to take it all back in inventory! Some shuffling here and there and within an afternoon….I have yet again another skyhome. But, this one is now done. Finished. Decorated. And LOCKED. Am not gonna touch it anymore. I think….
Loft - I

Loft - II

Loft - III

Loft - IV

A few days ago (RL is sort of keeping me busy) I received an email from LL, announcing a new gift for Premium Accounts, a : Marauder. I had no clue what a ‘Marauder’ is, but some googling lead me to believe it had to do with pirate ships or some sort. Well that or an armored army vehicle used in South Africa.

Anyway, I hopped over to my favourite Premium Sandbox, where there is a vendor with the Premium Gifts and collected my Linden Marauder, all excited and stuff..I am easily pleased as you know by now, right?

The Linden Marauder was packed in a bottle! How cool! So, that made my day already..the package!

Linden Marauder - I

I opened it and then I rezzed the Marauder.

Linden Marauder - II

It is a Pirate ship that hangs under a balloon and it has some side wings. Kind of steam-punkish, I guess. Looks nice, huge – but nice – and you can actually fly this airship around. LL does suggest an airfield, but I am thinking maybe the Blake Sea would be more fun, seeing the size of this thing. Also, it is well over 500 LI!
I have not tried flying it around, we all know it is better that I do not operate vehicles in SL, but I did enjoy making some pictures of it. Oh..okay, maybe I will go the Blake Sea later and try it out.
The sheer size of the ship isn’t really bothering me, but I am some sort of disappointed about the proportions. Caity is by no means a tiny or an extremely petite avatar, she is quite average, but …look at her at the wheel?

Linden Marauder - III

All in a all a nice gift, for pics or using it, I like it and it has given me some hours of entertainment already!

Now I need to go find me a big, strong, rugged, handsome, tanned…(okay, sorry I got carried away), a  Skipper, one who can actually look over the wheel while navigating, I will then just pour another wine and enjoy the view!

Linden Marauder - IV

The past days I have been busy replacing my old skyhome for a new one. Because of the many, not always succesful…, modifications I did to the old skyhome it slowly turned into a sad, empty ruin. Besides that it was way too large for me, and I did not feel like rezzing a new one and start all over again with this huge space – I just wanted a smaller, cosier one. I use the skyhome for changing clothes, occasionally some ‘studio’ type of picture and since I am always alone I do not need a 2000 sqm for that :).

I looked around a bit and ended up, again, at Scarlet Creative whos style of sky-homes I really adore and I got the cosy ‘Saturday Morning Simple Mesh Skybox’, which has 3 levels in it, but is easy enough to navigate in.

The big challenge and painful task for me was ofcourse: removing the old one, keeping the Summer Room I have on top for extra studio, and rez the new one in the correct spot. If you know me, you can imagine this did not happen in one go…..and yes, I have worn the new home while hovering in the sky, I shot one into space and got two of them returned due to rezzed on Linden Property. But….after some hours and lots of coffee and cigarettes, this is the result:

New skyhome with the Summer room on top, both Scarlet Creative Designs

New skyhome with the Summer room on top, both Scarlet Creative Designs

The next thing was: decorating my new sky-home! I am really not good in decorating, I have plenty of ideas and I even dare to say I have some good taste, but my goodness…I keep moving stuff around, rezzing and taking back in inventory….doubting and doubting.
I used stuff I already had in inventory, so no shopping in between and for now this is it. I may add some more the coming weeks, months. Or not. I have more than enough prims left to use, so that is not the issue, I just need some more inspiration and patience. I admire those in SL who have beautifully decorated homes, with details everywhere, and I know for lots of people it is their way of relaxing and enjoying SL. Decorating a home, makes me nervous!


* Sofa’s by Trompe Loeil
* Bed from Encore (@The Garden)
* Plants from TTR Kitchen and Garden

Last night I saw some pictures on Flickr, uploaded by Torley, from a lovely colourful garden and naturally I got curious and had to check it out!

The Beguiled, is a full mainland (!) sim, dedicated to providing a lush and wonderful environment for all to explore, use for photoshoots and hang out. There is an art gallery, a beautiful path to stroll and it is still spring/summer, perfect for those who try to escape the omnipresent Autumn :).

The Beguiled - I

On your walk, you will find several mesh-figures, like this little boy with his kite, which is a very nice extra!

The Beguiled - III

The Beguiled - IV The Beguiled - II

After a very tough, rl, week, I took the weekend offline to recharge my batteries. Been out on my bike and cleared my head. I think all will be 100% okay soon!

So, I logged in briefly and was delighted to find out that my neighbour had put his beach side parcel for sale. I did not gave it much thought and bought it, meaning my lovely piece of mainland is now bordering the Linden Road and on the other side the Linden Ocean! Yay! It is not really a tropical sim, the groundtexture is a bit mossy-rock, but I kinda like it. I am not into tiki and tropical anyway!

I did not had a lot of time so I only placed a larger house and planted some autumn-trees and grass. The home is still empty..haha. Will give me something to do later this week, when I hopefully have all my inspiration and the right spirit back!

next project is, besides finishing some landscaping on groundlevel, to replace my huge skyloft for a smaller one, as I think I will spend more time on the beach now ;)