Arithmos, numbers from Zero to Infinity

A favourite destination for me in the weekends, while having breakfast and liters of coffee, is the cluster of LEA sims and then hop around from one sim to the other, exploring and hoping to find something that excites me.

This morning I ended up at LEA17, in an overwhelming installation by Giovanna Cerise: Arithmos.
It is, for me, a wonderful graphic piece of art, great to experiment with windlights and a challenge to get a good picture. And of course, flying around in and over it to enjoy it from the various points of view.

The notecard provided does not give a lot of information or background, other than: ‘ Fascination and illusion in balance between rationality and irrationality’.
Well, make of that what you will I guess? It is wonderful, go see it as my pictures do not capture the art as I wished!

Number - I Number - II Number - III


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