The Cosmogony of Rafts and other improbable floating beings

For the third time in a month I have started a week with a Monday morning appointment in the hospital, for yet another treatment on my foot. I hoped this morning they would just look and say it’s all healed, but alas…some cutting and fiddling was needed (but now really last time!) and so I am sitting here with a bandaged and taped up foot (again!) already annoyed that walking and  taking showers will be no fun for the coming days – although I have become quite inventive: I just sit on the shower floor, with foot sticking outside and I am getting very handy in hopping around on the other foot…Oh joy.

So, when I came home this morning I just wanted to see some pretty things and distraction from the stinging feeling in my heel. I got myself an extra-extra-extra large coffee (saves some hopping to the kitchen…) and went to see an exciting new art installation I read about thanks to a tweet from Pallina last night: Moving Islands, The Cosmogony of Rafts and other improbable floating beings.

This is a collective project of a group of (to me) known SL artist and it will be open till December, giving enough time to go see it. And yeah, you will have to go ….

The full list of the artists participating in this project, can be found on the LEA Website – but it will also be handed out in a notecard at the landingpoint. Oh..and while you are there, do not forget to pick up the fun gifts as well !

I took all pictures in this blogpost using the region Windlight, for a change!, because I really liked the colours and the mirror water they choose. As always, these pics are just an impression, there is much more to see. I will upload the larger versions, and some extra pics, on my Flickr!

Moving Islands - I Moving Islands - II Moving Islands - III


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