Gimme a Duck-face!

Since this year the official Dictionary of the Dutch Language has added ‘selfie’ as an official Dutch word to the books….together with ‘wazzup’ and ‘mindfuck’. OK…

I thought I knew what a selfie was, being all hip and up-to-date!, so when my nieces asked me to post a selfie on my facebook,  to show off some new clothes I bought and my haircut, I figured I could do that! I usually do not post pics of myself on facebook, I am kind of boring.
I posed in front of a mirror and took a photo with my iPhone, posted it and tataaa..I felt all modern and stuff:

Well yes, I cut off my own head for the occasion :p

Obviously this Aunt is out of the loop! My lovely 12 year old nieces pointed out to me (I bet they rolled eyes at the screen…)  that the only thing I got right was: the poor quality and lighting of the image (yay for iPhone..sigh).

Tsk! Apparently a real selfie has to be made with your phone on armlength, NOT showing the device. I should have gone to the bathroom, so I could have the toilet or shower and such in the background, instead of doing it in the hallway…and most of all: they missed a Duck-face!

LOL. Duckface. No.

I decided to practice in SL, where it was much easier..well, except for a true duckface that is, but maybe one day I get it all right!

Selfie - I

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  1. So that is what a selfie is lol. So out of the loop. Learn something new everyday giggles :)

    1. Yeah! I am happy to have such cool, young nieces to keep me up to date! :))

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