Imagination – Guana Cay

This last week I have seen lots of great pictures on Flickr by many great SL Photographers taken on Imagination – Guana Cay and when I read Ziki’s post about it, I knew I had to blog about it too! Some places just deserve all the attention!

Imagination is a watery sim, with lovely details allover. There also the (by now SL-world famous) tree tunnel, but this one has some nice surprises inside, so a walk through is recommended. It is a wonderful location for taking pictures and trying out the various ambiances and reflections with different lights. Or you just sit and enjoy the environment, alone or with friends.

Imagination - I Imagination - II Imagination - III


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  1. Thanks a lot for this sim tip! You inspired me to take some pics on my own:

    1. You’re welcome Dora, and I love your pictures!!

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