RiTai Dreamland

RiTai Dreamland is one of those places I will have to re-visit over and over again, because there are so many hidden treasures and spots to explore! It may seem as ‘just another’ tropical island, and yes….there is sand, sea and palmtrees but…it is also the home of Bryn Oh’s shop of Curiosities and Oddities!

Allover the sim you will  find delightful artworks from Bryn, but also from other talented artists! Simply wonderful! In the landinformation it says: ‘please visit’ and I can only agree on that. My pictures in this post mainly feature the island itself – apparently I was in a tropical mood – and not so much the art, but hey…there needs to be something left to for you to explore and discover :).

RiTai Dreamland - I RiTai Dreamland - II RiTai Dreamland - III


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