The Trace – Winter edition

So. There. And YAY! This evening I got the IM I was secretly hoping for, for a couple of days already….Kylie Jaxxon telling me she finished transforming The Trace into winter! I literally dropped everything and hopped over, and did not get disappointed!

I have been ‘awed’ by The Trace in Spring, Summer and Autumn and now it is the first winter..and wow! Kylie really has a talent for landscaping in all seasons! I knew she was already dreaming of snow when she just finished the summer decorations, and you can tell she has given this season much thought and landscaped it with love.

OK. Enough sucking up (yes, I adore Kylie :p). Just go see it and enjoy it, dress warm and wear sensible shoes – you will be walking for some hours!

Trace_winter_001 Trace_winter_002 Trace_winter_003Trace_winter_003

My (larger) images will be uploaded in The Trace Group on Flickr, where you will find many more wonderful photo’s taken by visitors!


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