Otium – Leisure and Laziness

When browsing through the Destination Guide my mouse stopped working at the ‘Popular Places’ section, instead of the Photogenic category I was looking for, but..it turned out just great otherwise I would have missed ‘Otium – Leisure and Laziness’!

Otium is, according the landinformation, Latin for leisure and laziness and that is what this gorgeous sim is all about. Broad beaches with white sand, rocks, birds, places to sit and relax while admiring the view and a cute little  café on top of a rocksection in the middle.

A perfect retreat for those who want to escape the cold and snow :)

Otium - Leisure and Laziness - I Otium - Leisure and Laziness - II Otium - Leisure and Laziness - III


3 Comments Add yours

  1. pinkrayne says:

    Still loving your blog Caity, always beautiful photos and ideas for places to visit. Inspirational xxxx

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