Rebeca’s Sleepy Snail

After I saw pictures on Flickr of Rebeca Bashly’s latest full sim art installation ‘Sleepy Snail‘ I immediately put it on my list of things to go see ASAP! It’s known I am a fan of Rebeca’s work, and this one on Metales is as delightful as I hoped it would be! Now, I am not the only one who has to guess the meaning of this piece of art, fellow bloggers HonourZiki and Inara have visited and blogged about the Snail and it was a relief to read they too are not sure what the meaning is, heh!

Art does not always have to be accompanied by an explanation, in order to simply enjoy it. Sleepy Snail is just wonderful, steampunkish and a joy to look at and admire. Also, a nice change to all the winter and snow sims I have been visiting the past days/weeks!

Sleepy Snail - I Sleepy Snail - II Sleepy Snail - III Sleepy Snail - IV


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