Spring arrived with a big bang here in Holland, the other night it was below zero…and this weekend temperatures went sky-high, well for us Dutch, up to 20 degrees C. Now, I know this is not ‘hot’ but for our little country this is a record and very extra ordinary – snow and ice would be more normal in the first two weeks of March. Anyway, as so many others I too spent two days outside, in the Real World, enjoying the sun and drinks on a nice terrace in town. Lovely!

Metropolis - III

In Second Life I visited Metropolis, a futuristic city, with sky-scrapers and bright light. The city is also the home of a club ‘Temperance’  featuring mostly house, trance, techno and Dirty Dutch (eh, what…!?), but when I was walking around there was nothing going on. It is a great location for photoshoots, as you can play with windlights and shadows and…do not forget to look up – there is a park with swimmingpool on the roof of one of the buildings!
Metropolis - I
Metropolis - II

Metropolis - IV


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