Veronica Lake

Yesterday Veronicalynn Parx pointed me to her facebookpage for her sim Veronica Lake, a residential sim on which she has parcels available for rent. Now I am not looking for a parcel or a new home, but the pictures she posted caught my attention and I ran off to have a look!

Besides it being a place to live (I stayed away from the private homes), it is a gorgeous location with photogenic spots! You can also ride a bike, horse, boat or go fishing, all are welcome to visit. I got all carried away and took pictures with the Cinematic HUD from Chouchou, which I every now and then dig up from my inventory – as it gives such a nice black frame.
The pictures I took are directly uploaded from Firestorm Viewer to Flickr, so they are raw shots with no processing at all.
Veronica Lake
Veronica Lake - II

Veronica Lake - III


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