Behind the scenes of Paradise Lost – Taking a look in Egypt


As I have blogged a few days ago, I recently had the chance to see some more sets of Paradise Lost for a photo-shoot and now all sets are ready. Premiere is in 11 days, so it is getting really exciting now!

Time to show you the set of Egypt, after I have met one of the slave-actors and have seen (and secretly touched, but don’t tell them!) the stunt-double of baby Moses a few weeks ago when I was snooping around in the Basilica…

It is one of my personal favourites, although I really love all sets I have seen so far, because they are so well thought out and detailed. Maybe it is because I have had one of my best holidays cruising the Nile for 10 days and seen all the temples and ruins possible..The Egypt set really brought back some memories :). But, enough about my…

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