Amazon River

Yesterday I spent some time exploring Amazon River (Adult), a – as the name already suggests – jungle with the river Amazon meandering through.

Amazon River - I

Amazon River is a roleplay sim, but this is optional and not mandatory. On the landingpoint you will find several signs, group joiners, for each role. You can choose to play a hunter, a prey, a native and even an animal and each role has their own requirements.
Luckily there is also the role of  ‘Explorer’ , which you can use if you are not into roleplaying but just want to explore, which is what I did!

Amazon River - II

At first sight the place reminded me a bit of the Wilderness Sims by LL, but when I got a bit further into the jungle it was quite different! I particularly love the huge waterfalls with statues forming the entrance to a cave. Very Indiana Jones! Or Lara Croft…well, you get it. It is so large I had a bit of trouble making a decent picture of it, but it gives an idea.

Amazon River - III

A funny detail was the steampunk-ish airship, hovering over a laguna. There are lots of places to sit and relax, well and, and it all lookes nice. I took the pictures for this blogpost in the regions windlightsetting, which I tweaked only a tiny bit!

Amazon River - IV

Amazon River - V




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  1. What a pretty place! ♡

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