Today I saw a new location in the Destionation Guide, Grimmrfell, and decided to check it out. Grimmrfell is a Norse/Viking Roleplay sim (Adult), and as with all RP sims rules do apply.

In this case I was led to their official website and learned that this Grimmrfell is not only to be found in SL, but also on another platform called Shroud of the Avatar. The website offers all information you need or want to know, including background on the roleplay (for both SL and SotA), how to dress, where and how to get started and whatnot! Very clear and easy to understand.

Grimmrfell - I

Visitors and explorers are requested to wear  an observer tag, which you can get at the landingzone, or of you are wearing a meter (Gorean) you can set that to OOC. Also, you are asked to dress according to theme, so I got out my ‘woodswoman’ outfit and was good to go. You can only travel by boat, to the central island or anywhere you want to go to, a boat-rezzer is ready for you – but you are also allowed to rezz your own boat – providing it is a Viking one! (2 hours autoreturn).

Grimmrfell - II

Note: avatars younger than 7 days will get a kind warning that they are too young and they will be sent ‘home’, with the notice that if one is a roleplay-alt you can request access. Since Grimmrfell is in the destination guide, it attracts people and I have seen several new residents be sent home again, while I was taking pics. I hope they understood the message that was given to them in local chat..!

Grimmrfell - III

I took the free boat and off I went! The region windlight setting is quite dark and foggy, which gives it a great atmosphere, but for my pictures in this blogpost I have changed it to a more brighter day, I wanted to show off the lovely landscaping and great buildings! Because, yeah…this place looks amazingly gorgeous. I almost felt like roleplaying..and that says something, right?

Grimmrfell - IV

There is also a facebook-group, with some posts, not very up to date, but the sim and rp is open since February this year, so I guess it has to grow.



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