3D Fractals by Mac Kanamishi

Today I was into some art and so I visited the new installation ‘3D Fractals’ by Mac Kanashimi, curated by SperimentArt and Tanalois Art. I have blogged about Mac’s previous installation “Dragon Curves” and enjoyed that a lot, so I was curious about this!

I didn’t get disappointed! 3D Fractals is not as huge as Dragon Curves, but similar in the use of colours and shapes.  I stayed for half an hour, which is long enough to see the full cycle of changing shapes.

3D Fractals - V

In his notecard (available at landingpoint) Mac provides some more information and links to wikipedia and  on which fractals he has used, for those interested in the technical background of this piece of art!
I mainly enjoyed the movements and changing of shapes, with the colours and tried to capture them on pictures!
3D Fractals - II

3D Fractals - III

3D Fractals - IV

Trailer about the exhibition on youtube:



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