Dragon Curves

Dragon Curves, a full sim art installation on LEA26 by (Dutch) SL Artist Mac Kanashimi, is not – as I thought when I read the name – about Dragons as such, but turns out to be representation of the mathemathical Dragon Curve !
Mathematics, yeah that’s right. That usually has this effect on me…:

Dragon Curves - IV

Anyway, even if you have NO clue on mathematics and Heighway Dragons and all that, I still recommend you go visit this visually stunning work of art. It moves and changes and the colours are a feast to the eye. In order to see the whole installation you have to, at least, set your draw distance to 384 meters. There are also 4 ‘elevator blades’ to guide you through the work safely (around the landingpoint) the rest of the paths are unprotected:).

Dragon Curves - III

In the notecard, provided upon arrival, you will find all kind of technical specifics and links to webpages with more information and explanation on Dragon Curves, for those into Math this wiki page may be a good one!

Dragon Curves - II

Dragon Curves - I

I just enjoyed the looks of it, the colours and the overal artistic way this is set up. The installation will be up till June 30th, so you have some time to learn all about Dragon Curves first, or just…go there!


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  1. lol Priceless expression!

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