[Norderney] – A smile is the beginning of Peace

[Norderney] - IV

After I saw several gorgeous images on Flickr, taken on [Norderney], I decided to tp over and explore this new, to me, destination. It is owned by Jacky McPherson and she did a wonderful job in landscaping and decorating! What a peaceful, lovely place this is! Whether you enjoy walking around, sitting on the small but gorgeous beach, taking pictures or hang out….this place has it all, and Jacky shows: less is more.

[Norderney] - I

[Norderney] - II

I have a weak spot for rural sims like this and know I will for sure become a regular visitor..and you should too! My pictures do not do the place justice, it is way better in ‘the pixel’!
[Norderney] - III



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