How was your weekend?

Over time, as it goes, my ‘weekend routine’ in Second Life has changed a bit. A few years ago I mainly spent my weekends exploring and collecting cool destinations for my blog, which I then used to blog throughout the week.
A fun way of being inworld and I always enjoyed it a lot. I still love to explore, no worries, but I have noticed over time I have been using my weekends in SL for more social activities. Or better: I go from club to club, events and clubs and chat, have fun, dance and do not bother too much on making pics for my blog. Heck, I hardly even blog in the weekends!

I am cool with that, as I am enjoying my time and stopped worrying or feeling guilty of not blogging for a day or two.

So how was my weekend? It is, for those following my flickr, not a surprise. I start the weekend on Friday night dancing in Ambrosia – to the tunes played by DJ Venus and DJ Geemix. Good music, nice crowd, lovely dancers (Sheffie is my hero!).

DJ Geemix @ Ambrosia
DJ Gee – Ambrosia
DJ Venus - @Ambrosia
DJ Venus – Ambrosia
Sheffie @ Ambrosia


After that I usually hop over to Blade’s Edge where DJ Irish has her 80’s set, for some more good times!

DJ Irish
DJ Irish – Blade’s Edge

Saturdays I love to to go the themed parties in Elysion. Owner Syn Dryke always puts a lot of effort in creating a new venue – to fit with the theme and (and this is really cool) there are always two parties: one at noon SLT (the one I always attend, with lots of other eurozoners…) and one at 8PM to cater to the rest of the world/US people. Those evening are always a success, also thanks to the great sets of DJ Desterac. This weekend the theme was ‘Body Modification’ so tattoos and piercings (and nude crowd!) all over the place!

[ Elysion ] Body Modification Party - I
[Elysion] Body Modification Party
[Elysion] - Arabian Nights - III
[Elysion] – Arabian Nights Party
Then I like to go back to Ambrosia, for a bit of DJ Geemix’ Saturday set and around 3PM I teleport to Bohannon’s Funk and Soul Club, where DJ Finn plays followed by DJ Irish! Relaxed ambiance, again a wonderful crowd with regulars and always some new ones and this weekend it was cool to have Becky, Harmony and Ella come over for some disco dancing as well. OK, that ended up with huge hair…but great.

@ Bohannon - saturdaynight - II
Becky, Ella, Harmony and Caity at Bohannon

I am always completely partied out by the time it is already Sunday morning….but I always go to bed with a smile on my face :).

All Partied Out! Good Night :)
All Partied Out…



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  1. Bine Rodenberger says:

    It looks like you have great weekends :-)
    It’s funny how our SecondLife changes over time. I used to go clubbing and dancing and chatting – I was even an aspiring DJ, but these days I tend to spend most of my weekends fiddling with Binemist – I’m revamping it completely at the moment. I would like to do more exploring, maybe even explore a few clubs again, so I might see you around :-)

    1. Hi Bine! Yes it changes and will keep changing I suppose, but that’s only normal! And yay, hope to see you in a club sometime! ):)

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