Keep Calm and Look at my Butt!

It has been a busy couple of days, in and around Second Life! SL11B openened (I have yet to go visit it!), Linden Lab’s CEO Ebbe Altberg ‘leaked’ news about the plans of creating a whole new virtual world and some new mesh bodies have been released.

Now..of all things I could blog about…I went for the mesh body today. Haha!
To add, tonight the Basilique Salon discussion at 1PM SLT will be all about this new Virtual World, see Becky’s blog, and of all the information I have gone through as a lurker the past days I can recommend the blogpost of Nalates for a non-hysterical article.

I gave in and tried....The Shops - Mesh Body - I

The mesh body isn’t really free from controversy, since the WOW Meh – drama and Phat-azz no longer exists either. (Here an epic thread with some how and what and why, if you have time).
Today SLink released their ‘Physique’ mesh body (1250 LS) and yesterday The Shops released their mesh body as a beta version – for free. Since I am not sure if I want a mesh body to replace good old Caity, I went for the free version of The Shops and also got their free hands and feet to go with it.

Castaway - II

Of course, being it Beta, it means it is not really finished. As in: there are no appliers and no clothes. But I have to say I do love this, fitted mesh, body and once I found one of the default skintones in the HUD that was close enough to my Glam Affair skin (I do not want a mesh head, so I am wearing my own!) I fiddled a bit with my shape-sliders (I was so clever to make a copy of my shape first!) and within less than 30 mins I was quite happy with how it looks!
The body comes in three versions: naked but PG (LOL, no hoohah), naked, or with painted on underwear.

Castaway - I

I like the looks of the butt and the boobs and it makes a real lovely body for pictures. I do not see myself wear it for daily use, specially since there is no clothing (yet) and I cannot wear my tattoos, nor my claws.

Anything to complain? Nope, not really. Well maybe one thing:
The body did not really fit nicely on my neck though and the skintone isn’t perfect (because no applier), so in my neck you see a nasty line and colour-mismatch, which I just solved by wearing a pretty collar and in one picture with some photoshopping.
Here is how I look in a plain windlight, without photoshop and no covering of the neck:

Keep Calm and...

I posed with Alles this afternoon, she is wearing the (not available anymore) WOW Meh, for a picture for her blog.


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  1. sas says:

    In order to make your neck look better go in style mode and hit retrofit. Then go back to theshops and get the neck fades for free ;)

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