Posing with Alles, the life of an SL Model..

Every now and then Alles Klaar, a friend I have known for all of my Second Life and a very talented Photographer/Artist, asks me to pose with her for some pics. Of course I am always happy to hop on one of her pose stands, as the endresult of her shoots are never a disappointment and….it is nice to be the model instead of the snapshotter for a change :)

This afternoon (for me, Alles was way past her bedtime being at the other side of the world..) she asked me again, and borrowed me some Medusa Hair from May Tolsen to wear (@ the Tales of Fantasy) which suited the (rare) Medusa Shield I got myself.

Posing for Alles usually means I get told what (not….) to wear, sit on the pose and then…wait while she is setting up and arranging props around us. Ahh..the hard life of a Model. I made lunch, ironed some blouses, took a shower..and when I got back she was almost done! :P.
Am exaggerating a tad, but it may not come as a surprise Alles really is a perfectionist and needs the time for a proper set-up.

The endresult of todays shoot are already on her blog! (where you will also find the credits on what we are wearing)

Below the snapshots I made while posing and chatting! Thanks Alles, for being my friend and for asking me to pose, it’s an honour and most of all it is fun!

Posing with Alles - I

Posing with Alles - II

Posing with Alles - II


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